1. What makes MaidtoOrder.ca different from other cleaning services?

MaidtoOrder.ca offers a distinctive personalized cleaning method that pays special attention to detail. We focus on finding out what you want and providing a specialized cleaning just the way you like it. Extensive market research was conducted throughout Toronto and the GTA to determine the most common issues with residential cleaning services. MaidtoOrder.ca can be your solution.

We differ from services that use the same method in every home. We go into each home prior to the first cleaning and do a MaidtoOrder.ca home assessment. We go room by room taking notes to ensure that your cleaning is personalized and your home cleaned to your specifications.

2. How many maids come to my home?

We believe in the traditional method of having one maid regularly clean your home so that you can develop a connection with that maid. We want you to receive the personalized service that is our standard. We make every attempt to arrange for the same maid to clean your home each time.

3. Do I supply the cleaning products?

Yes. We have found that most customers prefer to use their own products to guarantee their highest level of satisfaction and to avoid cross contamination. We use the cleaning products of your choice as directed and supplied by you. MaidtoOrder.ca encourages clients to use green products for health and environmental reasons.

4. Do I have to do anything before my maid arrives?

All you need to do is leave out your cleaning supplies. Tidying up is optional, though it will give your maid more time to do the things you would like her to do. Basic supplies should include vacuum, mop, glass cleaner, kitchen and bathroom cleansers, cleaning cloths, and paper towels.

5. Can I use your service just once or occasionally?

Absolutely. We have many frequent customers, but our services are available for occasional use. Customers who use our services regularly are rewarded with special discounted rates.

6. How do you handle pets?

Please mention you have a pet at the time of booking. Our maids are pet friendly and will follow your instructions with respect to your pet and will ensure indoor cats and dogs stay inside.

7. What qualifications do your maids have?

Our maids are 100% bonded and insured. We carefully select our staff and train them to provide efficient cleaning with special attention to detail. They will arrive on time, in uniform, and prepared and happy to serve you.

8. What happens if I cancel my appointment?

We do ask that you call at least 24 hours in advance if you have to cancel your booking, otherwise you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

9. What happens if something is damaged?

Our maids are 100% bonded and insured and are trained to be very careful. Should any damage occur, we will repair or replace what was damaged.

10. What are your rates?

The prices for MaidtoOrder.ca services will depend upon a few factors. The size of your home and the specific tasks you would like us to handle, as well as the frequency of your personalized cleaning, will determine the cost. To request a quote, click here.

11. How do I pay?

You can pay by cash, etransfer or cheque made out to MaidtoOrder.ca, or you may call in your credit card number over the phone.

12. Do you offer move-in/move-out services?

Yes we do.  Please refer to our list of services here.

13. How do I buy maidtoorder.ca gift certificates?

MaidtoOrder.ca offers gift certificates in the denomination of your choice.  The gift of time is a great gift to give friends and family anytime and for any occasion. Click to order gift certificates.